The National Refining Company
Stereoscopic 3D Images

Thanks to Bonnie and Carl Rauch you are able to enjoy 3D images of the National Refinery at Coffeyville, Kansas, circa 1923-24. The images presented here are just a few of the 3D images that were reprinted from over 100 original 3D stereoscopic negatives from the collection of Bonnie and Carl Rauch. After having the negatives made into prints, I mounted them each in a stereoscopic card mount. Then using VRex DepthStudio™ software, which allows you to take stereoscopic pairs and combine them into ready to view 3D formats viewable on your computer. I then scanned the stereoscopic cards into 3D images to present here. To view these 3D images you will need the DepthCharge Browser Plug-In which can be downloaded by clicking the GET DEPTH NOW button below. I would suggest that after installing the DepthCharge Browser Plug-In, that you go through the DC (DepthCharge) Tutorial by clicking here. You will also need a pair of Red/Blue anaglyph glasses. Click here if you would like to receive a free pair of Red/Blue anaglyph glasses. I will provide these glasses for as long as my supply lasts.

I have only completed a few of the images, but will continue to add more as I have time. Click on the stereoscopic images below to view them in 3D.


March 14, 1923. Coke pile. Looking northeast from west of Tar Stills. Boiler House Stack in the distance. Filter House in front Boiler House of Stack.

March 14, 1923. Some empty drums. Looking northwest from office door. Boiler House Stack in the distance.

March 14, 1923. View taken from the office, looking due west.The walk to the right leads from the office, by the barrelhouse, and to the wax department. The tanks to the left are lubricating oil tanks.

April 8, 1923. Eldorado, Kansas. North Lathrop lease.

July 9, 1923. View from the new stack. Camera pointing southwest. Pressure stills in the distance. The stack to right is #2 Boiler House Stack. The part of building to the left is the Grease works. The building right in front of the camera is the boiler house. The building in the center is the Gas Engine room and the Wax House.

Sept 27, 1923. Mr. Mert McDonald's car. (Fall Festival Parade, Coffeyville)


Coffeyville Refinery, Coffeyville, Kansas 

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