The National Refining Company
Radio Program

Introduced to their customers in the March 1930 ENARCO National News, The National Refining Company started advertising on radio as many other companies of this era did. First only on Thursdays at 7 o'clock eastern standard time and 6 o'clock central standard time. Then to 6 days a week (every night except Sundays) on 11 radio stations as seen in this copy of a page from the August 1930 National News. The show was a 30 minute program with music and advertising between. Music was from the White Rose Gasoline Orchestra and the ENARCO Boys.

By February 1931 they were on 14 radio stations and airing on every night. You were now being entertained by the EN-AR-CO Motor Oil Orchestra, White Rose Gasoline Quartette and The EN-AR-CO Tenor, Irving Kaufman


















This is the copy of the record label from the16 inch record used by radio stations to broadcast this prerecorded show. Two recording personalities, Rube Bloom and announcer Ted Husing are on this recording.

This record "Motor Oil Review" is the last 15 minute of a 30 minute program believed to be broadcast on the radio between October 1930 and September 1931. I hope you enjoy this recording as much as I have. The original record is owned by Mark Renwick. Thanks to Mark who was generous enough to transfer the recording into MP3's for me you can down load and play this radio program.

Below are links that will allow you to play part or all of this recording.
These are MP3's total of 20 MBytes

Track 1 Song - 2 minutes - 2.7MBytes
Track 2 Song - 4 minutes - 5.5MBytes
Track 3 Song by Rube Bloom. Advertising at end. 2.5 minutes - 3.7MBytes.
      Track 3a Song by Rube Bloom 2 minutes - 3.6MBytes
      Track 3b Advertising .5minutes - 1.3MBytes
Track 4 Song 2 minutes - 3MBytes
Track 5 Song 2 minutes - 3MBytes
Track 6 End of show. Great advertising. 1 minute - 1.5MBytes
All Tracks Complete Radio Program. 14 minutes - 26MBytes

On other recordings Ace Brigode and Russell Knapp were leaders of the White Rose Orchestra. There was also Al and Pete the ENARCO boys.

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