National Refining Photo Album

Service Stations

Williamston, Michigan - Courtesy Mathew Cantine

St Joseph, QC Canada - Courtesy Gisele L. Trepanier

Christmas lights on the Country Club Plaza, Kansas City, Missouri. White Rose station in the foreground. circa 1935. Courtesy the Western Historical Manuscript Collection, University of Missouri Kansas City

White Rose station on the Country Club Plaza, Kansas City, Missouri. circa 1927.
(same location as above) Courtesy Kansas State University Libraries

White Rose Service Station, location unknown. Notice the absence of gas pumps. Circa 1910's. Courtesy Carl and Ralph Rauch.

White Rose Service Station, located in Ashtabula, Ohio. Circa 1920's. Courtesy L. T. Rockwell, whose father is pictured on the left.

White Rose Service Station, northeast corner of Delaware and Broadway, Leavenworth, Kansas, in 1930's. Courtesy Bob and Ruth Fevurly, whose father ran the bulk station in Leavenworth from 1934 until it went to Mobil sometime in the 1940's.

White Rose Service Station, 12 Dalhousie Street at Bridge Street, Brantford, Ontario, Canada, in 1930. Courtesy Mihkel Fortey

White Rose Service Station, 457 London Rd., Sarnia, Ontario, Canada, circa 1940. Courtesy Mihkel Fortey

A modern (1923) service station, where supplies of gasoline, lubricating oil and other products of crude oil may be obtained. At the right of the picture is the runway which many dealers maintain for convenience in draining the automobile crankcase and refilling it with lubricating oil, and for performing the many greasing services they render owners of automobiles and trucks.

Dealers in the products of petroleum, or crude oil, were everywhere, making it convenient for the motorist to secure supplies. There were more than 10,000 of the boy-and-slate signs scattered throughout the middle states in the 1920's and the En-Ar-Co-grams were read by thousands of people daily.

This is a picture postcard of a White Rose station in Gasconade, Mo. circa 1920's

Clayton's store Dorset, Ontario, Canada 1934. Courtesy Leslie Knaze.

This is the Eck Oil Company, Ringwood, Oklahoma. circa 1940's

Bulk plant and service station, Youngstown, Ohio, circa 1920's. Courtesy Dan Griggs.

Service station, location unknown, circa 1930's. Courtesy Dan Griggs.

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