National Refining Time Line


General offices, 1050 Rose Building, 2060 E. 9th, Cleveland, Ohio
Refineries at Coffeyville, Kansas; Cleveland, Marietta and Findlay, Ohio.
President J. I. Lamprecht
Vice-President Frank B. Fretter

Started using these trademarks.

Trademark #103,247 was in use since March 27, 1914. Was applied to cans, barrels and other pachages or vessels containing a plastic compound, waterproof gums and long-fiber asbestos for covering or repairing roofs.

Trademark #103,859 was in use since June 30, 1914. Was displayed on cans, barrels, and other packages containing gasolene, kerosene, naphtha, benzin, lubricating-oils, and axle-grease.

Trademark #164,506 was in use since July 19, 1914. Was applied to cans and drums containing oils and greases.

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