National Refining Time Line


General offices, 1050 Rose Building, 2060 E. 9th, Cleveland, Ohio
Refineries at Coffeyville, Kansas; Cleveland, Marietta and Findlay, Ohio.
President J. I. Lamprecht
Vice-President Frank B. Fretter

Started the year with branches in 78 cities and ended the year with 89.

1919 ad

Half page ad from National Petroleum News July 2, 1919

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Typical prices from an ad in Power Farming March 1919.

En-ar-co National Motor Oil
The Scientific Lubricant

        In wood barrels (average 50 gals) ------.65 per gallon
        In wood half-barrels (average 30 gals) ------ .70 per gallon
        In steel drums (average 50 gals) ------ .68 per gallon
        In steel half drums (average 30 gals) ------ .73 per gallon

      • Other price from issues of The National News

        Motor Grease 25lb can ---- $4.50
        Motor Grease 1/2 barrel ----- .15/lb
        Motor Grease barrel ---- .12/lb
        Black Beauty Axle Grease 25lb pail ---- $2.50

eagle Products available in 1919

White Rose Gasoline
National Light Oil (kerosene)
En-ar-co Motor Grease
Black Beauty Axle Grease
En-ar-co National Motor Oil
Paraffin Oil
Harvester Oil
En-ar-co Valve Oil
Transformer Oil
Tractor Oil
Mineral Turpentine
Castor Machine Oil
Steam Engine Oils
Ko-Rek-Tiv White Oil
National Asphaltum Paint

oiler ad

oil can

This is from an ad in a 1919 Power Farmer. Here customers can send for free Handy Oiler. This is typical of premium items offered by companies during this period.

1919 news

National News cover July 1919


This is from an ad in a 1919 Power Farmer. Here customers can send for free auto game. This is also another typical premium of the period.


News articles.

National Petroleum News July 2, 1919

National Refining Sells at Advance
Oil stocks on the New York exchange closed the week at about the same prices as the preceding week. Texas Company was the heaviest loser, being off eight points. The total volume of transactions was much lighter. Securities of the various Sinclair issues maintained their prices at about the same level as the week before. Curb stocks showed no changes of importance. On the Cleveland stock exchange National Refining common figured in a sale of a small number of shares at 360, which is an advance of 170 points for this issue since the first of the year.

National Petroleum News Dec 31, 1919

Cleveland, Dec 29- The National Refining Company , with headquarters in this city, has been awarded reparation amounting to approximately $6,000 and has succeeded in having the Interstate Commerce Commission established a lower rate on petroleum products in carloads from Coffeyville, Kansas to Healdton, Oklahoma. The findings of the commissions examiner are based on an action brought by the company against the railroad administration and the Atchison, Topeka and Kansas Railroad, filed May 12, 1919, in which it was alleged that the rates maintained by the railroad were unjust and unreasonable and in violation of commerce regulations and the federal control act.

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