National Refining Time Line


General offices, National Building, 1404 E. 9th, Cleveland, Ohio
Refineries at Coffeyville, Kansas; Marietta and Findlay, Ohio.
President Frank B. Fretter

Mr. Frank B. Fretter became president of the company after the death of J. I. Lamprecht in 1920 and continued in this position until his death in 1935.

Frank Fretter started working for National Refining as a bookkeeper in 1889. In 1890, Mr. Frank B. Fretter started the National News, which is generally credited with being the second oldest company newsletter. He became Vice-President in 1908.






The refinery at Cleveland, Ohio is closed this year.
Had 93 distributing branches.
Boy and Slate appears in most ads.

Started using this trademark.

Trademark #172,245 was in use since since August 1, 1921. Was displayed on cans, barrels, and other containers in which lubricating grease, gasoline, oils and lubricating compounds were sold.

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