National Refining Time Line


General offices, National Building, 1404 E. 9th, Cleveland, Ohio
Refineries at Coffeyville, Kansas; Marietta and Findlay, Ohio.
President Frank B. Fretter

Had 120 distributing branches

Purchases the Coryell Oil Company of Lincoln, Nebraska

Omaha, Nebraska lawyer sues National over epigram.
On June 25, 1927, Edward R. Burke, President of the Omaha Bar Association brought suit for $475,000 against the National Refining Company. Mr. Burke alleged that he, as an individual, suffered nearly $500,000 damages for defamation of character because of a epigram put on all the company's boy and slate signs Monday and Tuesday of this week. The sign read: "Tell the truth to your lawyer and he will lie for you."


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