National Refining Time Line


General offices, Hanna Building, Euclid and E. 14th, Cleveland, Ohio
Refineries at Coffeyville, Kansas and Findlay, Ohio.
President Kenneth R. Proctor

On  November 19, 1943 a limited partnership purchased control of the National Refining Company for about $9,000,000.  General partners in the purchasing organization are Albert A. List, president of the List Finance Corporation of Fall River, Mass,. and vice president of the Otis Terminal Warehouse Corporation of Cleveland; Cyrus S. Eaton of Cleveland; financier and industrialist; Chester Canning, president of the Pacific Gas Corporation of New York and of the Petroleum Transportation Company, and William R. Daley, president of Otis & Co. The general partners and Benjamin Woeste, vice-president of the warehouse concern, and L. G. Smith, secretary-treasurer of Otis & Co. will be the new directors. Mr. List will become a vice president and assistant treasurer and Mr. Canning, a vice president of National Refining. W. H. Lamprecht II, K.R. Proctor and L.S. Peirce will remain as directors and as chairman, president, and vice president and secretary, respectively.

Shell Oil Company purchases 98 EN-AR-CO service stations.

National will still have 185 bulk and service stations and 300 other service station customers.


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