National Refining Time Line


General offices, Peoples Gas Building, Chicago, Illinois
Refinery at Findlay, Ohio.
President Francis E. Miller

Ads in 1949 still depicted the Boy and Slate, although they were much smaller ads.

The following is reprinted from the article "40 Years of Oil Competition" National Petroleum News, March 9, 1949

Great Contributions to Competition

There was the old National Refining Company, which had a refinery at Coffeyville, Kansas, and two others in Ohio, who pioneered so much of the fighting for the independence of the Independents. Its selling put to shame that of the old Standards and of most Independents because for many years, up to the coming of the antiknock rating, it sold good gravity gasoline at a premium of 3c a gallon, and kerosene at a premium of 2c a gallon, consistently above the prices of the old Standards.

But the heirs of the founders, represented through estates and banks as trustees, could not run the company. While they were disagreeing and dying a couple of smart promoters stepped in, bought the company with its own money and sold off most of its main assets piece by piece. They made a killing but left only a fraction of the company for operation today. That company made such a great contribution to the cause of the Independents and skilled salesmanship that the entire industry might erect a monument to its memory

National Refining was one of the principal competitors of the Standard Oil monopoly.

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