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My name is Ben Eckart. My interest is collecting items from and gathering information on the history of The National Refining Company. I have been working for many years on this research project. My goal is to gather as much information as possible so I can write a complete history of the company that I may share with others. Do you recognize any of these trademarks or have any memories or comments to share?

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The National Refining Company was located in Cleveland, Ohio. It began in 1882 as a refiner of kerosene, which was the product used by most households for light. The founder and head of the ji.JPG (5296 bytes) company until his death in 1920 was J. I. Lamprecht. After his death, his son W. H. Lamprecht became head of the company. The company had refineries in Findlay and Marietta, Ohio, and Coffeyville, Kansas. The Coffeyville, Kansas, refinery was opened in 1906. The company also had other various holdings, including The Canadian Oil Company, which distributed their products in Canada. Other holdings included pipe lines and railroad tank cars. The Canadian Oil Company became independent in 1938. The Coffeyville, Kansas, refinery was sold to COOP refineries in 1944. The rest of the company was purchased by Ashland Oil and Refining Company in 1950.
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The company produced the following products: National Light Oil (kerosene), ENARCO motor oil, Black Beauty axle grease, White Rose gasoline, Royal gasoline, National motor oil, Royal motor oil, Black Star harness oil, Asphaltum paint, National harvester oil, National linseed oil soap, Ko-Rek-Tiv pure mineral oil, and National antifreeze. White Rose gasoline for automobiles was introduced in 1905 as the first premium motor fuel to be placed on the market. Many of you may be familiar with this product, as it was sold in many states until the 1950's. You may remember the Boy and Slate logo, found on all its products until the end. But before that, in 1890, White Rose stove gasoline was one of National's major products.

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The National Refining Company used many trademarks throughout its 68 years of operation, but the one most familiar is the EN-AR-CO and White Rose trademarks. EN-AR-CO was used for the grease and oil products and White Rose was used for gasoline. EN-AR-CO was the trademark used by the company starting in the early 1900's. The White Rose trademark has changed over the years and so has the EN-AR-CO trademark. One of the earliest company logos was of a squared-off eagle; then came the styled eagle, and then the familiar Boy and Slate. I have included copies of the original trademarks. To see more trademarks click here.

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In 1890, Mr. Frank B. Fretter started the National News, which is generally credited with being the second oldest company newsletter. Mr. Fretter became president of the company upon the death of J. I. Lamprecht in 1920 and continued in this position until his death in 1935. This small pamphlet was widely distributed free to customers by it's dealers. It contained jokes and epigrams (sayings). Other parts of the journal was dedicated to advertising. There were free games offers and various types of premium offers.
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